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Tiger sharks and cholera

Why is there a sketch of a Tiger Shark? It’s here because my latest short comic features one in a glass tank. The short comic has been written around the theme of “tasty” and I’m hoping that it will end-up in a certain comics anthology later this year (more details on which when it does or doesn’t succeed in getting in). This isn’t the first short comic that I’ve written. Back Row in the The Pilgrim Strips #1 was the first short I had published.

A brief bit on preferred programmes

I actually use a different programme for writing short comic strips compared to 20+ pagers and graphic novels. I don’t have copies of Final Draft absolutely everywhere (I’ve only got two licenses) and I find myself travelling around with my work laptop a lot. This means that when I want to write a short comic I resort to using Google Drive. It’s got a Courier font for Documents and the margins can be adjusted.

When I write a comic script it basically looks like a film script, but without any attention paid to pagination, because that doesn’t really work for comics. Panels and pages don’t represent a moment in time (usually a page in a film script represents a minute on screen) and you can’t always describe all the panels that will eventually appear on a finished comic page via a single sided piece of A4.

Tiger sharks and cholera

Not only does this latest short feature a Tiger Shark in a glass tank, it also has cholera as a plot device. The comic is set in the late 19th Century, in North America, and I wanted to have a communicable disease that could put a lot of people out of action if their living conditions were less than ideal. Tuberculosis was an option, but it felt a bit too Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows for my liking.

Plus people seem to forget that cholera use to be quite a problem in Europe and the Americas. Cholera: kind of exotic and yet appropriate for a travelling carnival at the end of the 19th Century.

Welcome to my new blog

And welcome to my new blog. Check out the About page for info on why this thing exists.


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