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Current project: another, new, website

In January this year, I left the position of Multimedia Producer at the gaming website known as BeefJack. And while it has looked like to many that the only thing I do now that has anything to do with geeking out is Cornwall Graphic Novel Group and the Nerds Assemble podcast… actually I am working on a thing that is a website.

It’s taken a while, and since starting on it in February, it’s taken until this month for the actual building of the website to begin. But rather than have anyone else do it, I’m building it with a bit of help from Paul. It’s the first time that I’ve gone through the process of not only just buying a domain, but taking it all the way through to sorting out the hosting, installing WordPress and doing other things to ensure that it’ll function as a site.

But I wasn’t going to be doing it myself as much. Having sought advice from a few helpful people, Paul and I also tried to get some help from a friend and then a still learning website designers/programmer. The first one was too busy, and as he was a friend I respected that he was too busy as I knew he’d taken on a new job. The second individual, after getting our hopes up with what would be possible with the design and implementation, decided it was all too much work even though we were looking into ways to pay him a tiny bit for his help.

I can’t tell you what the website is until it’s out into the world. But I want you to know that it’s coming. That it’s coming and that it probably won’t change anything for anyone on this Earth, but it will at least mean that (hopefully) more than a handful of people on this Earth get to have more fun than they would if it didn’t exist.

I’ll let you guys know when it’s ready. Don’t you worry.

Hexagon Beads image originally by Sally Mahoney


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