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For those of you who don’t know – I produce, record, host and edit a weekly geek podcast called Nerds Assemble, the time between recording, editing and uploading is less than 24 hours. Sometimes things go awry, which pushes my ability to keep this time frame going, which is what happened this week.

Due to finally deciding to record the show in stereo from Skype, as I needed the audio from my end to be on a separate track to be able to easily raise the level of my audio plus Paul B who records with me… I of course ended up with audio that was essentially left or right orientated. Absolutely fine of course, because I use Pro Tools to edit episodes and it has tools for dealing with this if you want to create a mono file at the end of the editing process.

Thing is, it helps if you actually – after splitting the stereo track into two separate ones – set the pans to 0 and assign an input to them and tell it to be all mono like during the Bounce options. Yep, it really helps if you do this. Really helps…

I left the hour and a bit long episode to bounce to MP3 over night (Pro Tools 9 plays through the entire audio as if it were being played, so an hour’s worth of audio takes an hour to turn into an MP3) and on Tuesday morning when I went to check it I listened in horror as only one side of the audio came through. Opening up the Pro Tools edit file I realised I’d forgotten to do all the pan stuff, etc, and had to leave Paul to bounce the now correctly configured episode while I went off to work.

Apparently quadruple checking your settings before bouncing isn’t enough checking.

In other podcasting news – if you’re  UK based podcaster come and check out the new UK Podcasters Google+ Community. We’re all really friendly, promise.


Remember your pan – a slight podcast hiccup


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