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Happy New Year, here, let’s take a look at some email marketing from PlayStation Europe

2014-01-06 20.47.03

“The Ultimate in Gaming For Everyone”… (rant incoming)…

Oh really? Let me just scroll down…

Wait a minute? You’re presenting me with a pic of two guys… even though I told you during my recent PSN sign-up that I’m female? Fine, whatever…

2014-01-06 20.53.18And not content with saying everyone is everyone if they’re male, you go and suggest a football game? Most of the guys I know hate football and on a side note I do too. Also – FIFA 12? I think you need to update your stock game images there, plus copy.

Now while proper segmentation and use of alternative images and content for a campaign email would be entirely possible, PlayStation EU’s marketers in this instance (in-house or agency, I don’t know) don’t seem to be using my data, I know I’ve given them, to best effect. As a new PS3 owner I found the above email rather off putting and making me feel just a tad more negatively towards the Sony brand, because they don’t appear to “get me”. Which is a dumb thing to do as I have money and generally like what they’re selling. This isn’t the first email from them since signing up to PSN that doesn’t gel well with me.

Ah, must be a bunch of marketers that “fear the female geek.” I’ll cut them some slac- actually, no. In 2014, I am sick of marketing for “geeky” products that either ignores me or alienates me on purpose, because of my gender, and that’s without mentioning all the marketing that ignores different ethnicities and sexualities that there are or even age groups.

What would I have done different? Had an image at the top with more than two people and at least two different genders. And sort that FIFA bit out.

I’ve been finding the actual console a smart product, helping me to catch-up with a load of old gen that I’ve missed out on gaming wise. Just a shame the marketing isn’t as smart.


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