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Come play Up a Mountain, a short Twine game

Having last year sought some insight from CY Reid and Cara Ellison about how to make Twine games (they pointed me to here and said some stuff) and having recently been disappointed by the character creation choices of a new RPG that has stormed the charts recently… this weekend I put together Up a Mountain.

While not exclusively taking place on a mountain, there is a mountain in it. Mostly I wanted to mess around with choice and not having it affect things as people would expect. The game was put together over several hours and has so far only been played by three people.

You can play Up a Mountain here.

The project was a lot simpler than what I had originally been considering, mainly because I decided that I needed to get a more straightforward Twine game together before attempting something more challenging with silently hidden variables. I’m still planning that game, but I really need to get my head around variables and so far I haven’t gotten very far in understanding them. However, to combat this I am planning to make another, simpler project that deals with fewer variables than my originally planned project, in order to understand how the things work.


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