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new ek-creations portfolio website

My portfolio website, which details much of my content creating career, has had a major facelift this week.

And so I encourage you to go and check it out and see what I get up to other than posting on here.

The site has some new parallax scrolling awesome stuff added and new content. I’ve really changed the portfolio section, plus I now list my available skills/services.

Here’s a sample of what the old site use to look like:

old portfolio website

While the new site does look rather spiffing, if I do say so myself, installing the theme that generated it killed my website at first. Thankfully I had backed up my content, so wasn’t too stressed by having WordPress reinstalled. But yeah: always back-up your website before making any major changes.

The new theme is called Ripple and I bought it from Themeforest. It’s a lot more complicated to use than even the one I’m using on Hex Dimension now, but it’s definitely a good theme for building a portfolio website.


I’ve revamped my portfolio website Ek Creations


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