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Last week, my first piece of games writing since I left BeefJack last year, and wasn’t for Hex Dimension, was published over on This Is My Joystick! It was for Vlambeer’s Luftrausers and you can read my very detailed thoughts on the game here.

It was definitely one of the toughest reviews I’ve ever written. The game is a “bullet hell”, a genre that I don’t actively seek to play and not necessarily one I’ve suddenly been converted to liking. While the game looks fantastic, it does have its issues.

Plus it was really disconcerting when all the reviews broke after the game’s embargo was lifted and I had only just started working on my review. Reading the reviews of others after I’d done mine (I had to avoid the reviews of others for about a week, and Twitter was awash with links to them at the time) I felt that a lot of sites had been maybe a little too generous towards the game. But maybe that’s just me.

Luftrausers review


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