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The five podcasts I listen to on a regular basis

favourite podcasts

Just ’cause I produce Nerds Assemble doesn’t mean I have no time for the podcasts of others. Of course I do. But what do I listen to?

When you look at the dominance of English speaking podcasts by US produced shows, UK listeners can sometimes find it hard (I know I have) to discover shows that have a UK cultural take on things, it’s why now was seen as the right time to launch Kotaku UK this week, for instance. So here are the shows that I like listening to at the moment. They’re geeky and mostly British.


Irregularly updated, but still a good listen, this podcast by comics writer and games journalism superstar Kieron Gillen has a wealth of information in regards to the comics industry and creative practices. Plus it has some nice side steps into general comics happenings, so it’s all good.

Extended Edition

Their show tends to focus on films and anything related to them, they do occasionally branch out into other mediums like videogames or TV shows. It’s presented by four guys from various corners of the UK and Norway. Due some of them being involved in filmmaking projects, there’s some keen technical insights in their episodes too. Martin has also appeared on Nerds Assemble several times.

Continue Magazine

Only recently started, the episodes have so far involved some interesting interviews with those involved in the videogames industry, but some insights into aspects of games that you might not regularly think about. I do hope that Continue Magazine persist in putting out episodes, as I’ve enjoyed all of them so far.

Literary Disco

After a recommendation from @utterbiblio, I started listening to this on and off last year. As the show’s name suggests, they talk mostly about books. Like their about section says, they’re a podcast aimed not just at readers, but writers too, as all of the regular hosts are also writers. For me this makes it a podcast with the best of both worlds. This is the only non-UK show in this list.

Oh No! Video Games!

My preferred gaming podcast, because I get to hear about stuff I’d probably not get the chance to hear about (including things that aren’t just videogames, they’re the reason I know Netrunner is a thing). The guys offer a great look at current events in gaming along with looking at what they are and aren’t passionate about. Martin has been convinced to appear in many episodes of Nerds Assemble.

If you’ve got some show suggestions that I might like listening to, let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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