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Pokemon X screen 2

My chill out, non-review game of the moment is Pokémon X, which I had started playing on release, but only got 13 hours into before having to stop due to other commitments. This week I restarted the game.Cue last Saturday evening where it took all of a showing of The Iron Giant on ITV2 for me to try and get a female starter Pokémon. In fact, I got so pissed off at having to reset my game just before the point you pick, which I had saved at, that I decided to look up what the stats were for getting female starter Pokémon.

It wasn’t good.

The issue with trying to get female starter Pokémon is that there is thought to be only a 12.5% chance of getting one and after trying through the entirety of a film it definitely felt like it. I’m gonna write a more in-depth piece about this on Hex Dimension in the coming week, but what I think right now is that:

It doesn’t seem fair.

I’m going to continue playing the game, but generally I’m finding it way harder to encounter female Pokémon in the field than male most of the time. I get why you might want to have some kind of imbalance due to trying to restrict breeding, but I feel like there could be better ways to do this.


Currently playing: Pokémon X


4 thoughts on “Currently playing: Pokémon X

  1. Usually my teams end up being composed of mainly females… And that’s because of pure chance. I really don’t aim to get either gender really, any pokemon will do.

      • I don’t really consider the theory that to stop early starter breeding to be valid either as you usually get Dittoes fairly early on in the game.
        I can’t fathom why they wouldn’t just stick to 50-50 as Dittoes usually are found around the same time that you’re able to breed, and as in this case, breed starters.
        I’m not sure it’s because younger boys think females are yucky or something like that, and I wouldn’t think it was a concious decision to cater to the male gender per se, but I’d guess you’d know more than me about the creative process in gaming as you cover that topic while I don’t.

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