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Yeah, first blog post here of the month. I’m just getting over my back problems, and so I am finding it a lot easier to use computers now. However, I had a buttload of bad news regarding a certain family member over June and I’ve not had the desire to write on here that much, because the news is that bad. The news was so bad, my day job is having to be very compassionate with me.

Just so you know, I’ve got several comics projects I’m currently working on, including Welcome to the Geek Show which is the real title of the Tiger Sharks comic. And Hex Dimension is still going strong. And I’m still working on a novel or two.

Also, if you need any lettering done, I am available for hire, so long as you don’t mind me doing it in Illustrator or Photoshop. Lettering is something I find very therapeutic to do (hence wanting to do more of it at the moment). In fact, I’ve just finished a project that was longer than Arthur Shilling that I’ll be able to show-off in the coming month, but can say too much more about until then.

And why the G-Man pic? I played Half-Life for the first time ever over the weekend and this is one of my screens. Haven’t finished playing it yet, but I’ve got a piece about it going up on Hex later.


An update for June…


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