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hex one year v1

It’s a year, today, since I launched The Hex Dimension.

I’m kind of amazed that we’ve lasted this long, but my home to inclusive geekiness has survived one year of being online. As documented on here, the site has undergone some cosmetic changes, as we tried to find a look that worked for us.

Compared to starting up the Nerds Assemble Podcast (we’re recording our 100th episode next Monday) the technical challenges faced with the Hex Dimension website have been far greater. Not being fluent in HTML or CSS (I can read both to an extent), let alone PHP and so on, has meant a lot of fumbling around and learning – and that’s with using bought themes and plugins.

I think one of the funniest things to happen since updating the site’s theme in February is seeing the number of other sites that have adapted it since. Though I do feel we’re one of the few that have really tried to make it our own.

It’s also given me plenty of opportunities to interview some really great people. And I’m hoping to continue that over the next twelve months.

Anyway, I’m still having fun running the site and so it’s going to continue to be a cornerstone of my life and free time for quite a while.


Hex Dimension’s first Birthday


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