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Next month is October and things are going to be getting incredibly spooky over on Hex Dimension. My main contribution for the month will see me play Silent Hill 1-4 through for the first time as a four week special Pile of Shame.

Silent Hill 1

I’ve never been too scared to play the series. I’ve just never gotten round to playing it. As a big Resident Evil fan, it’ll be nice to deal with a game series that has a far different take on the horror genre.

In theory I will be blasting through a game a week. Moving between some of my older consoles and some of my newer ones where needed. I think things are going to be interesting, however due to time being an issue I am being allowed to use game guides as and where needed. And no, I won’t be trying to get lots of different endings this time round, but maybe I will when I go through the games another time.

See you in Silent Hill.


Getting ready for Halloween on Hex Dimension = playing Silent Hill


5 thoughts on “Getting ready for Halloween on Hex Dimension = playing Silent Hill

  1. Hello Emily,

    I never really played any of the Silent Hill games except for maybe a few minutes of the Silent Hill 3 demo years ago, but I have seen both Silent Hill films; and I have only played a few minutes of Resident Evil 2 and maybe a few hours (not many) of Resident Evil 4 years ago, and I saw the first Resident Evil movie. :D

    Do you plan on playing P.T. (the playable teaser for Silent Hills), and Silent Hills when it comes out?

    Good luck and happy gaming :) ,
    -John Jr

      • Good, thank you for answering that Emily, do you plan on uploading any gameplay footage to a YouTube channel or website et cetera?

        -John Jr

      • No, I don’t really do gameplay videos that often, seeing as how issues with copyright mean that 1) you’re ideally visible on screen at the same time as the footage 2) constantly talking over most of it in order to avoid copyright claims against the music. But those are only issues I think about, because I want to use YouTube rather than Twitch and have some post production going on.

      • Hello Emily,

        Okay, yes, those are definitely some things to be concerned about from what I have seen and experienced on YouTube over the years (my first YouTube channel was deleted years ago without warning or reason and without a chance to get it back or to find out why it was deleted and so I lost everything (subscribers, subscriptions, messages, favorites, videos, et cetera), it was not a gaming channel, and so I no longer upload videos).

        Last year gaming channels on YouTube started to get hit hard with copyright issues sadly (and even some YouTubers with non-gaming channels with over 100,000 subscribers have had their channels removed this year), and I am not sure if things have improved or not since most uploaders usually do not talk about these things much or at all (AngryJoe talked about it a few times, but stopped talking about it, it seems).

        It is sad that things are this way on YouTube, unfortunately, thank you for answering my question Emily. :)

        -John Jr

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