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Want to find out or talk about podcasting? Join me in William IV next Tuesday

2014-09-16 20.15.02

Here we are at last month’s meetup.

After having a whole load of fun and super interesting podcasting discussions last month, I’m hoping you’ll join me in William IV, Truro on Tuesday 21 October from 7pm for our latest meetup.

Whether you’re a veteran podcaster, wondering if you want to start one or just starting out: you’re welcome to join us at next week’s meeting. Last month we talked about everything from recording techniques, to equipment, to file hosting, to funding: so if you have experiences you want to share or questions you want to ask — you’ll find a welcoming audience eager to listen or talk.

You can register your interest in next week’s meetup here on the UK Podcasters Meetup Group.

Or you can just show up on Tuesday 21 October from 7pm in William IV, which you can find here:

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the kinds of podcast I produce, you can check out Nerds Assemble (a geek culture podcast) here and the Radix Copycast (a podcast about copywriting and content marketing in B2B) here.


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