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My longish running podcast, Nerds Assemble, will be hitting episode 120 next week. Because we want to keep going, but ensure that things stay fresh, we’re currently looking for feedback on the podcast. To that effect, we have set-up a survey to field feedback from newer and more long term listeners to find out what they do and don’t like about the current show format and to find out if there’s any interest in a few new content ideas I’ve had. We’ve had a few responses so far, but if you’ve ever listened to the odd episode of the show (you can find episode 119 here with links to the survey), then we’d definitely appreciate your feedback.

Sure, we’re a bunch of people who like talking to each other about geeky things that we find interesting, but we’re very aware of making sure that it’s a show that’s interesting to people who aren’t just us.

Beyond the format of Nerds Assemble, we’re also looking to have a website upgrade. A free Tumblr blog was fine when we started out, but we’re more experienced now and have a greater understanding of how to get podcasts out into the world. With that in mind, we’re looking to move to a self-hosted WordPress site, with new branding and (if the Pauls don’t mind) a grid style WordPress theme. We’ll be using the Blubrry PowerPress plugin as well.

And there’s a chance that we will finally move away from FeedBurner. Though this doesn’t look as simple as it could be.

With the podcast still maintaining a fair number of followers on Tumblr, I’ll be planning to use a service like IFTTT to auto-post updates from the WordPress site to the Tumblr blog. This can be done using the RSS and Tumblr channels.

Well, this is all to come later this year. For now, I hope the New Year is treating you well and see you about.


Looking to refresh Nerds Assemble


4 thoughts on “Looking to refresh Nerds Assemble

  1. Daniel J. Lewis says:

    Thanks for linking to my post on The Audacity to Podcast!

    Actually, leaving FeedBurner is now a lot easier, because they offer a permanent redirect when you delete your feed. Thus, no more cycling as I described in the post.

    You still need to download your email subscribers, if you have any.

    • You’re welcome, it’s a really helpful post.

      We don’t have any email subscribers, so we don’t have that part to deal with. Im still a little confused as to how to not mess up the iTunes listing.

      • Daniel J. Lewis says:

        This year, I’ll have an updated post with a video that describes the simpler process. In short, you need to make sure your feed’s “Original” feed is ready with the podcast information in it, or else change the “Original” feed to the right podcast feed. Then delete the feed and choose the option to leave a permanent redirect.

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