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Radix’s latest B2B copywriting and content marketing trends analysis is out

Several months of team work paid off this week, when Radix Communications (my employers) released their latest annual look into how the work that’s done at Radix reflects, or doesn’t, wider trends in B2B content marketing and copywriting.

You can read Fiona Campbell-Howe’s (MD of Radix) analysis of our completed Slideshare here.

My part in all of this? Design and crunching the numbers once we’d managed to get our data out of our project management platform. For several days, I was tied down with Excel in ways that haven’t gotten any easier since we started doing these reports in 2012. Seriously, much of what I was doing was never taught to me on either the GNVQ in ICT I did an absolute age ago, or the more recent incarnation of the ECDL. So thank fudge for Google search.

Rather than using Power Point to put the Slideshare together, I used InDesign, which is what I used for the previous report. While Power Point would have been easier in some ways, I had far more control over the Slideshare’s elements by using InDesign. Though it took me a while to realise that I was a) best off exporting the PDF as an interactive PDF and b) that I should set it to 300 DPI. While Slideshare does a reasonable job of hosting presentations, there is a bit of a battle to ensure that its compression doesn’t completely ruin the readability of uploaded presentations.

But here is the finished effort, all nicely packaged up and with some very interesting figures for those of you who are interested in things like copywriting and content marketing:


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