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Hex is looking for contributors

In case you don’t know, I run a geek culture website called The Hex Dimension. What you might not know if you know that is that we’re currently looking to add to our contributor team.

The Hex Dimension March 2015 v1

No ads

Why would you want to write for us? Well, we’re a hobbyist site of sorts, and we don’t pay our writers, so if that’s what you’re after, then sorry, you probably won’t want to write for us. But I’d like to point out that the site makes no money, not even from ads.


I say “hobbyist site of sorts”, because I myself have experience and qualifications in writing and editing. It’s why I’m the site editor and why I try (when people send me pieces in good time) to give helpful feedback and help them maintain their voice and opinions during rewrites. We also have detailed, easy to understand guides on how to write for us and in general.

We also use tools like Facebook Groups and Trello to help ensure that people aren’t kept in the dark about what’s happening with the site and have spaces to discuss the direction they want to take with a piece or to air ideas.

Not elitists

The site’s motto is:

We don’t care how big of a geek you are

The reason for this is because I wanted to create a site where it didn’t matter if you don’t know huge amounts about a particular geekdom or whatever, instead we focus on giving people windows and doors to get into it. So, if you want to be condescending in articles and elitist, you probably won’t want to write for us either.

No news

The closest our site gets to news is opinion pieces and round-ups. We don’t ask for people to contribute several news posts during a set shift on set days during the week. We want people to be writing and creating content that they want to write and create.

Currently, we’re really interested in proposals for weekly or twice monthly columns on aspects of videogames, films, television, table top gaming, books and comic books. We’re also interested in proposals for columns that look at geek culture as a whole.

And we’re happy to accept reviews and retrospectives on anything that fits into the above. Of course we’d work with you to make sure that they fitted in with our guidelines. We’re not worried about writing about the latest stuff, we’re happy to hear opinions on anything, regardless of when it was released.

Cool stuff we’ve got on the site

If you’re not worried about pay and not worried about being elitist, then here’s some examples of (what I think) are some pretty cool pieces we’ve got on the site:

Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

10 Things Community teaches us about friendship

Pile of shame: Baldur’s Gate

Opinion: Of course I didn’t freak out at the recent Ghostbusters news

Spoilers, Bodies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Review: Birdman

Review: Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U

376 hours: deers and loathing in Skyrim

Opinion: What horror means to me

Geeks without wires: shizzle to do when the power goes out

We’re open to new formats and ideas, by the way.

We don’t chase after PR and review copies

The site, generally, does not chase after review copies for anything or work with PR. We do occasionally get asked if we want to cover certain things by PR and if it’s something that’s not grossly offensive in terms of its content then we will accept review copies. And sometimes contributors ask if we can get our hands on certain things for them to review and we’ll approach PR or indie creators, but most of the time the site’s reviews are based on things we’ve bought ourselves.

So why would I write for Hex?

To be part of a group of enthusiastic people who are passionate about all sorts of things, from the nuanced flaws of Skyrim to the still impactful moments of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Interested? Then get in contact:

contact-email-hex-dimensionP.S. If you’re not interested in writing for us, but may know someone who might be, then please put them in contact with us.



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