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I’ve fallen head over heels for Supernatural

You know how I said in February how I was watching through a Supernatural seasons 1-8 boxset? Watching the show pretty much for the first time? Well, turns out that I really, really like the show.

I wasn’t expecting an experience that I would come to enjoy as much as Buffy the Vampire Slayer if not more in places, but I did. There’s just something about the misadventures of Dean and Sam Winchester that I really, really like (beyond their good looks). I love the show so much, that I went and bought a Dutch import of season nine, so that I could watch all of it before E4 finishes showing it for the first time.

Wrote some things

Anyway, as a result of all of this, I ended up writing a series of articles on Supernatural and various aspects of it, over on The Hex Dimension. So, if you want to try and get to grips with the show on a slightly deeper level, then please check out the following:

Supernatural: Saving verisimilitude on TV through the incredible

This article looks at how the show manages to help you suspend your disbelief while dealing with some pretty fantastical stuff.

Supernatural: Why did I end up on Sam’s side?

Looking at why I ended up liking Sam more than Dean, as a result of the character’s struggles, wants and desires.

Supernatural: A metafictional, intertextual, Smörgåsbord

I talk about how the show uses intertextuality and metafiction to great effect and why it’s brilliant how it does this.

Supernatural: Machismo, at a price

A slightly more serious piece on how the Winchesters are trapped inside the “man box” and other issues surrounding identity in the show.

Such a fan

I haven’t felt like this much of a fan of anything in quite a while and I didn’t think I ever really would again. But it’s amazing what nine seasons of television can do to a person.

How much of a fan? Well, I’m already rewatching the boxset, though skipping the odd episode. Man, it’s just such great telly to knit to as well.


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