(I’ve been posting about this on my social media handles since I set up the fundraising page, but I’m writing about it here too.)

GISH (formerly GISHWHES) is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt and has, for as long as I’ve been taking part, had a hunt item each year that’s about raising funds for a noble cause. This year we’re raising funds to clear landmines in Laos and provide prosthetics to survivors.

GISH has set the goal of collectively, across all teams, of raising at least $150,000 to help the people of Laos.

Each team is encouraged to create their own donation page that feeds into the larger campaign, as part of the hunt task. We need at least 10 people to donate to our team’s page in order for us to qualify for the item in the hunt.

So… if you have $10 to spare, please help Team Swords In Lakes to #ChangeALife this year. We’ve had 4 donations so far, putting us over 25% of our $100 fundraising goal.

Once GISH is over, I’ll share some of our highlights here (I’m not allowed to share most items before the hunt is over).

Helping to #ChangeALife with GISH


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