To-read pile challenge and rules

In November 2021, I decided I needed to finally do something about my to-read pile of physical books and ebooks.

The challenge and rules for tackling this pile are, as stated in my original blog post on my to-read pile:

  1. I may only read books for fun that can be found on my to-read list or my currently reading list, the exception is re-reading previous books in a series in order to understand WTF is going on.
  2. I’m still allowed to take out and read books physically or digitally from my local library.
  3. I may not buy any new physical or digital books until I at least reach 50 books or fewer on the list.
  4. However, I am allowed to be gifted books or win them through competitions but these must go on my to-read list.
  5. I am allowed to give up reading a book if it’s not managed to hold my interest after I’ve attempted to read at least a third of it.
  6. I’m still allowed to read fanfic (though I will be reading with the knowledge that I have over 100 published books I could be reading).
  7. If I don’t want to keep a book after reading it, I should donate it to someone or a charity shop.
  8. I should write about the book on here once I’ve read it, and say how I got on, would I recommend it, and so on (post format yet to be decided).
  9. None of the above applies to books relevant to my role as a senior writer and editor that I need to read to help me stay skilled up for my job.
  10. All of the above is subject to change if I find this to be a completely terrible experience.

As always, we hope that number 10 doesn’t happen.

To keep up with what books I’ve read, check out the tag to-read pile.

And if you’d like to follow a custom version of my challenge for yourself, you’re welcome to, but please do tell me about it! I’d love to hear how you’re getting on in either the comments on my blog or over on Twitter at emkingma.

For a full look at my to-read pile, please check out my profile over on The StoryGraph.