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I try out new podcasts all the time. It’s something you do when you produce several of your own, to see if you’re missing a trick, to check out what competitors might be doing, to hear how different industries might be using them. I don’t often become a frequent listener, and perhaps one thing, more than anything, will definitely put me off new and established shows: talking about your products within the opening moments of your podcast.

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Don’t turn the opening minutes of your new podcast into an ad

Creative analysis, Marketing and PR, Podcasting

Want to find out or talk about podcasting? Join me in William IV next Tuesday

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Here we are at last month’s meetup.

After having a whole load of fun and super interesting podcasting discussions last month, I’m hoping you’ll join me in William IV, Truro on Tuesday 21 October from 7pm for our latest meetup. Continue reading

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This is just a quick post to say:

There’s going to be a meetup for podcasters (or people who want to start podcasting) based in Cornwall on 16 September, from 7pm, in William IV, Truro. You can sign-up for the meeting on here.

All levels of experience are welcome and this meeting will be suitable for those interested in podcasting for fun or for their business. You can also sign-up for this first meetup via Facebook here. I’ll be in attendance along with my fellow Nerds Assemble host Paul Blewitt.

I want to say thanks to UK Podcasters for setting up the UK Podcasters group on Meetup.

See you there!

Truro UK Podcasters community first meetup coming soon!