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Last weekend I played and completed a single playthrough of Silent Hill 3. I played it on PlayStation 2, again due to the issues that the HD collection has. While I didn’t dislike the game overall, it has been my least favourite experience so far. This wasn’t due to controls – they were the same as Silent Hill 2 (which is featured in this Pile of Shame piece). No, there was a different aspect to the game that disappointed me the most.

What I’d enjoyed about the first two games was how your actions during the game would affect the ending you got even when you played the game for the first time. In the third game, you have to replay the game in order to achieve different endings and it’s hugely dependent on how many enemies you do or don’t kill, turning into more of an action game than a survival horror. When I researched the game’s endings after completing it once, I was annoyed to learn that you could get the “happiest” ending consequence free on just one playthrough. I went through a lot of effort to get the happier endings while playing the first two games.

Anyway, it’s not a bad game, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous two, for the reason stated above and for others I talk about in my Silent Hill 3 Pile of Shame piece for The Hex Dimension (which you can read at that link).

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Critical analysis and reviews, Videogames

I’m returning to Silent Hill this weekend, when I (on Twitter advice) break out Silent Hill 2 from my PS2 collection. As I’ve already said, this is part of the site’s Halloween coverage.

Silent Hill 2 PS2

At the moment, I’m mainly hoping for three things from this game:

1) That it’ll be better written and acted than the original

2) The puzzles make more sense

3) The plot is a tiny bit more coherent (but not too much)

The first game did manage to scare me when I played it last weekend. However, it wasn’t for the reasons I thought it would be. While it was incredibly eerie and had gruesome details a plenty, it was the lack of agency and character control that scared me the most. And that camera… I felt sick in a few places. You can read my full pile of shame write-up on Silent Hill here.

Due to the responses to this Tweet:

I will be playing the PlayStation 2 version of Silent Hill 2. I think after I’ve played it, I might check out for myself why the HD remake is so bad…

Halloween on Hex Dimension = playing Silent Hill 2