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In search of Columbia – dwelling on BioShock Infinite

In a bar down in the depths of Shanty Town, inside its basement, there’s a starving child. He’s just one of many who dwell in the smoky, polluted depths of this part of Columbia. You see him scrabbling about under the basement’s staircase. There are a few apples on top of a barrel, but he’s clearly too frightened to go near them. Continue reading

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The quiet suffering of female superheroes

Over at Geek Native last week, a post examining some artwork by Michael Lee Lunsford was posted and a heated discussion began in the comments section of the post. The artwork? It featured numerous female superheroes in outfits less revealing than what many of us are accustomed to seeing them in. Continue reading

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Tiger sharks and cholera

Why is there a sketch of a Tiger Shark? It’s here because my latest short comic features one in a glass tank. The short comic has been written around the theme of “tasty” and I’m hoping that it will end-up in a certain comics anthology later this year (more details on which when it does or doesn’t succeed in getting in).  Continue reading