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Exploring my love of music videos

listening to music v2

I’ve been on a music buying spree recently. My MP3 player is reaching full capacity again. There are tunes that I could never have imagined listening to, eating away like earworms in my head.

The cycle is always the same: hear something on the radio > check out the music video > check out several more music videos by the same artist > find albums on Amazon > buy. Continue reading

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Sprucing up The Hex Dimension website

In July last year, Paul Blewitt, Paul Everitt, Paul Wood and I launched The Hex Dimension, a geek culture and interests website. And before our six month anniversary, I found that the design we had started out with wasn’t quite representative of what we were now doing nor of the small team of writers we had since brought on board (and we’re always looking for more content creators). You can see what the old site looked like here in this earlier blog post. This is the front page now:

Hex Dimension Valenti theme header v1

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Using Trello for editorial calendars

Trello editorial calendar example v1This past week I’ve been working on editorial calendars. The above one is a redacted version of the one for Hex Dimension. We’d already been using Trello to help plan site content, but recently I found out that the project management platform has a calendar feature that aligns your Trello board’s “cards” to to a calendar view if said cards have due dates set on them. Continue reading