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It’s not because I’m addicted to Tumblrs, but the amount of knitting I’m doing has increased so much, that I’ve decided to set-up a new Tumblr. Welcome to:

Geeky Knitting Experiments.

I’m currently focused on making a Tri-Force cushion cover, the image in this post is its back and I recently started work on the intarsia pattern that will form the Tri-Force itself. So yeah, if you like geeky things and knitting (or even crochet, ’cause I’m posting some of that too) please do follow it.

Normal (what that is) posts will resume on here next week. Have a nice weekend.

Welcome to Geeky Knitting Experiments

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How to send out a press release for your indie comic (or indie anything)

how not be gross in press releases v1Okay, this piece may end-up sounding sarcastic or a tad disgusting in places, but I need you to learn from this, because I don’t want to feel like throwing-up after checking my inbox – ever again. Continue reading

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Come play Up a Mountain, a short Twine game

Having last year sought some insight from CY Reid and Cara Ellison about how to make Twine games (they pointed me to here and said some stuff) and having recently been disappointed by the character creation choices of a new RPG that has stormed the charts recently… this weekend I put together Up a Mountain. Continue reading