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Next month is October and things are going to be getting incredibly spooky over on Hex Dimension. My main contribution for the month will see me play Silent Hill 1-4 through for the first time as a four week special Pile of Shame.

Silent Hill 1

I’ve never been too scared to play the series. I’ve just never gotten round to playing it. As a big Resident Evil fan, it’ll be nice to deal with a game series that has a far different take on the horror genre.

In theory I will be blasting through a game a week. Moving between some of my older consoles and some of my newer ones where needed. I think things are going to be interesting, however due to time being an issue I am being allowed to use game guides as and where needed. And no, I won’t be trying to get lots of different endings this time round, but maybe I will when I go through the games another time.

See you in Silent Hill.

Getting ready for Halloween on Hex Dimension = playing Silent Hill

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knitting 1

It’s not because I’m addicted to Tumblrs, but the amount of knitting I’m doing has increased so much, that I’ve decided to set-up a new Tumblr. Welcome to:

Geeky Knitting Experiments.

I’m currently focused on making a Tri-Force cushion cover, the image in this post is its back and I recently started work on the intarsia pattern that will form the Tri-Force itself. So yeah, if you like geeky things and knitting (or even crochet, ’cause I’m posting some of that too) please do follow it.

Normal (what that is) posts will resume on here next week. Have a nice weekend.

Welcome to Geeky Knitting Experiments

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I haven’t Liked anything on Facebook for 25 days

Facebook large

On Saturday 16 August, I decided that I would try not Liking things on Facebook for a while. I thought I’d just not do it for two weeks, but it’s expanded beyond that, while I’ve retrained myself to leave a comment rather than just liking things. It’s become normal to me to not press the Like button. I was originally inspired by Elan Morgan not Liking things on the social platform, who had been inspired by Mat Honan who had tried Liking everything he saw on the site. I’m not sure what my expectations were, but I figured that Facebook would dish things on my news feed just a bit differently. Continue reading

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favourite podcasts

This is just a quick post to say:

There’s going to be a meetup for podcasters (or people who want to start podcasting) based in Cornwall on 16 September, from 7pm, in William IV, Truro. You can sign-up for the meeting on here.

All levels of experience are welcome and this meeting will be suitable for those interested in podcasting for fun or for their business. You can also sign-up for this first meetup via Facebook here. I’ll be in attendance along with my fellow Nerds Assemble host Paul Blewitt.

I want to say thanks to UK Podcasters for setting up the UK Podcasters group on Meetup.

See you there!

Truro UK Podcasters community first meetup coming soon!