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How to send out a press release for your indie comic (or indie anything)

how not be gross in press releases v1Okay, this piece may end-up sounding sarcastic or a tad disgusting in places, but I need you to learn from this, because I don’t want to feel like throwing-up after checking my inbox – ever again. Continue reading

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This is not how you market your graphic novel/comic on Twitter

Okay, I bought an indie graphic novel earlier this year and followed its official Twitter account. Soon after, I unfollowed the Twitter account, but not because the graphic novel was awful – far from it – but because the Twitter account for it was a frustrating example of bad marketing via social media.
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That’s just some of the stats to come out of that huge comics creation survey that I ran over the course of the summer. While I haven’t got the finished analysis to show you yet – I’m currently working with Paul Blewitt to bring you an easy way to digest it all. When I started the survey, I was expecting that there would definitely be a lurch to diversified income streams, but perhaps not this much.

The survey pool wasn’t huge in the end – 90 respondents – but this is a relatively small entertainment industry in comparison to others. I hope to bring you the rest of the results in the coming months.

72% of those I surveyed who are working in comics have a job outside of comics/graphic novels

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I’m lettering a steampunk comic and other stuff


I’m lettering a steampunk comic called Arthur Shilling it’s the first issue, dubbed “vs The Newlyn Nightmare” and it’s got a Kickstarter.

Thankfully, I’ve got Adobe Illustrator to hand, so it’s going pretty well.


There’s only a week left to submit responses to my comics industry earnings survey. If you work in comics and are worried about pay levels, then please check out this earlier blog entry, and if you know someone who works in comics it would be great if you could pass the link on to them.


I’ve started to learn how to use Adobe Audition from the Adobe Creative Cloud. It could very well replace Pro Tools for me as my audio programme of choice for editing podcasts.