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It was bound to happen… I had DLC I hadn’t played (Dawnguard and Dragonborn) and after pushing myself through FF XIII-2 and attempting Lightning Returns, I felt the call of the icy slopes of Skyrim.

I’ve created yet another character. She’s a Nord called Yuna (Paul’s been playing Final Fantasy X HD right beside me while I’ve been delving into tombs) and while she looks like quite the warrior, she’s actually a warrior mage. Got a whole smithing-enchanting-destruction-restoration thing going on.

All of Yuna’s armour has been made by her and enchanted by her. She’s a formidable at sneaking about the place, despite still being under level 20, due to enchanted armour that includes buffs to Sneak and Muffle on her boots. Having got access to better armour for smithing, I’ve yet to upgrade, as I’m actually being a bit picky over what she wears – cue very cautious battles where I don’t get in close with a sword unless I think Yuna’s got a chance of overwhelming the enemy.

And during this playthrough, I’ve been taking a lot of pics. The best of which I’ve included in a gallery below. Enjoy.

Sure, I know that The Elder Scrolls Online is out tomorrow and early access is already happening, but I had a mess about in beta and it made me feel that Tamriel is better as a solo experience… that could be improved with a tiny bit of co-op, but not an entire online game.

Currently playing: Skyrim… again


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