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Intertextuality, genre expectations and LEGO City Undercover

Chase is standing in the middle of a dojo. Some dodgy sounding geezer is spouting words of wisdom when it comes to kicking ass, and said geezer is wearing a waist jacket and a pair of glasses that seem awfully familiar to some other arse kicking geezer from a highly popular film franchise. Then the wire-fu starts. It’s The Matrix but LEGO City style. Continue reading

Critical analysis and reviews, Videogames

Lego city undercover dinosaur robot

I can’t bring myself to play any more Stark Trek: the Video Game at this time. So my main videogame this week, with anything approaching a narrative, has been LEGO City Undercover on the Wii U. Apart from the lack of co-op akin to other LEGO games and the loading times, it’s been highly enjoyable so far. I’ll have some deeper analysis on parts of the game out later this week.

Currently playing: LEGO City Undercover