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What’s your situation as a comics/graphic novels creator?

This is the question I hope to explore with a new survey I’m launching today. What’s your situation as a comics/graphic novels creator? (link goes to Google form) is an attempt to figure out what’s happening in the industry in relation to things like pay, training and location. And I hope that I can get loads of people to fill it in, because comics and graphic novels creators have got a big problem:

There is little transparency about the pay and conditions of writers, pencillers, inkers, letterers, colourists and cover artists in today’s “global downturn” world.

Seriously. Google for information on things like page rates and you’ll get back information that’s mainly pre-2010. There’s nothing up-to-date that considers all the main roles in getting a comic created and it’s usually got a US bias, which can be rather unhelpful for those not working and publishing there. At the same time – up-to-date US information would be useful as well.

Whether you’ve only been working on independent comics or have seen work published by an established publisher: this survey is for you. Do you work in numerous comic book roles? I’ve built in functionality for that too.

Paid out of Kickstarter or Indiegogo funding? Doesn’t matter – you can still put your details in.

Your individual answers will be kept completely confidential.

So, go on – help me start a debate on current page rates for writers, pencillers, inkers, colourists, letterers and cover artists.

If you make comics, please fill-in my survey, which can be found here. And if you know someone who does, please send them a link to it.

The survey will run for a month. It closes at 11:59 BST on August 24 2013.

After the survey closes, I’ll be spending a couple of weeks sifting through the data and then be publishing the results on this site.

And if you’ve got any comments you want to make public about the survey, you can reach me on Twitter here or email me at the address here. In the case of emails, please make it clear whether or not you’re happy for your comments to be made public.



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