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emily building a web server-01After a certain point, when I’m trying to get something sorted or maintained that I don’t otherwise have the skills to handle, I’ll start thinking about just doing it myself. It’s happened with Hex Dimension today (which has been down for almost six hours at the time of writing and our hosts are looking into it) – I’m starting to think that I’d like to build my own web server for all of my websites. As it is, Hex was “built” by myself after I failed to secure a web designer who’d stick on board.

I know nothing about building web servers, only the names of various web server applications. I’ve never even built a PC before and I’m contemplating building a web server somewhere. But then I hardly knew anything about messing around with the guts of WordPress and managed to cobble Hex together. But I am aware that this all seems a bit drastic – I’m thinking of building a web server rather than changing hosts, which is what people normally do in these circumstances.

It’s just… I have no guarantees that a new host would be much better. They could be even worst. At least if I sorted out the thing myself then I would only have myself to blame.


Doing things for yourself


3 thoughts on “Doing things for yourself

  1. I wish I could offer some advice in this area Emily, I have built computers before, but I never built my own web server or used a server based operating system or programmed my own website or even tried to use even WordPress (the software/program); and so I have no knowledge on that/those things really. :(

    But I am sure you could find some experts at the Forums probably who could offer some suggestions, and/or at some other forums/websites/services that you use/are familiar with; and there are probably some good guides/wikis/et cetera on those things out there that could be very helpful to you, but you will have to find someone who knows where to find them. ;)

    Anyway, good luck Emily, I wish I knew more. :( *Help Fail*

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