Resisting the urge to go back

Working on my novel for National Novel Writing Month, I am constantly resisting the urge to go back and start rewriting. That’s not the point of NaNoWriMo at this point, or any point in writing when you’re creating the first draft.

And so, even though I know that what I’ve written needs a lot of work, I am pressing forwards nearly every day and getting my words in.

I think knowing how much reworking is needed is in part due to limited outlining before I started to write this story. For much of it, I have been feeling my way through it while writing, discovering scenarios as I write and then going with them.

I’m still closer to completing NaNoWriMo than I have been in previous years, and by a significant amount.

Should I have outlined more?

Perhaps? There’s certainly an ease to be found when you know precisely what it is that you’re intending to write. And it would make editing take less time in some ways.

At the same time, I’m coming up with ideas as I write that I wouldn’t have been considering them so deeply during outlining. The biggest thing I will have to watch out for is consistency for character names and places, and beats when I do edit.

Just over a week to go

I am pretty confident I will hit 50,000 words by the end of 30 November, but I don’t think I’ll have a complete story. I think I’ll likely have about another 15,000 words for the story to come to some kind of narrative conclusion before spending time rewriting and editing.

At least one advantage I’ve found of writing in Scrivener (even if it’s the older version) is that it has encouraged me to not get hung up on writing things chronologically. If I need to go back and add something, then I can, and slot it in where it needs to go.

Or in the case of the one bit that’s sitting outside parts I and II on the manuscript container, just leave it there until I can figure out where the hell it’s going to sit.

Either way, the ability to move around without having to worry about where things completely fit, and being able to drag and drop scenes, has made writing a lot more enjoyable than it would have been if I’d been using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

First day I didn’t do any writing (yeah, I’m blaming Supernatural)

Despite all my progress, there was one day I didn’t write this week: Thursday.

The build up to the Supernatural finale was just so intense that I couldn’t get in the right head space to write, which, more fool me, because I then spent Friday trying to get into the right head space to write. The entire Supernatural fandom has obsessed over the finale in a multitude of ways since Thursday, and it has been very distracting as I try to consider what the hell happened in it.

I think the answer here is to almost completely cut yourself off from fandom or pop culture Twitter during NaNoWriMo if a big fandom event is going on. Or, y’know, not invest a significant chunk of your life in a TV show.


Either way, there’s this hole in my writing for the whole thing and I won’t be getting these writing streak achievements:

The hole in my writing progress:

Currently, we’re planning on talking about the finale over on Nerds Assemble Podcast next week.

Anyway, until next time.

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Until this year, I’d only seen the first season of the Supernatural TV series. Being quite the fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it had been on my “get my hands on it and watch list” for quite some time. And then I was given the season 1-8 boxset last Christmas and have spent the last few weeks working my way through it.

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