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Until this year, I’d only seen the first season of the Supernatural TV series. Being quite the fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it had been on my “get my hands on it and watch list” for quite some time. And then I was given the season 1-8 boxset last Christmas and have spent the last few weeks working my way through it.

Supernatural season 6 img 1

At the moment I am near the beginning of season six. And I’m not sick of it yet.

I’m not going to write my full thoughts on what I’ve been thinking about it while I watch it, though there is one thing that does keep bugging me about the series. While I am happy to have the two main protagonists as guys, I’ve found the treatment of other female characters in the series to be less than ideal. It’s the one thing that’s stopping me from saying that the series is as good as Buffy was.

Still, there are some fantastic uses of lore throughout the seasons and I like playing “guess the monster” while watching. Or in the case of season 6: I figured out what was wrong with Sam from the moment we first started seeing him properly.

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