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Mmm, stat-tastic: three things you can do with Twitter analytics


This week, Twitter made its Twitter analytics platform available to all Twitter accounts. Previously it had only been available to business users (as in those paying for ads) and verified accounts. I’ve already seen people moan about how it’s going to mean a lot to people self-obsessed with themselves on Twitter being more self-obsessed. I think the arrival of analytics for all on the platform is great news for small publishers, small games developers, bloggers, small comics creators and so on who previously wouldn’t have paid for access to ads anyway, because: what budget?

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In search of Columbia – dwelling on BioShock Infinite

In a bar down in the depths of Shanty Town, inside its basement, there’s a starving child. He’s just one of many who dwell in the smoky, polluted depths of this part of Columbia. You see him scrabbling about under the basement’s staircase. There are a few apples on top of a barrel, but he’s clearly too frightened to go near them. Continue reading