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I try out new podcasts all the time. It’s something you do when you produce several of your own, to see if you’re missing a trick, to check out what competitors might be doing, to hear how different industries might be using them. I don’t often become a frequent listener, and perhaps one thing, more than anything, will definitely put me off new and established shows: talking about your products within the opening moments of your podcast.

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Don’t turn the opening minutes of your new podcast into an ad

Creative analysis, Marketing and PR

A short lesson in how not to do social media listening

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I announced some pretty big news on Twitter today. I’d been given the all clear from a cancer scare that had been dogging me for the last few months. Great, lots of wishes of support from followers (you people are awesome) and so on. I had mentioned in a series of Tweets that this scare had been going on at the same time as me trying to pass my driving test (I succeeded). Continue reading

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I haven’t Liked anything on Facebook for 25 days

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On Saturday 16 August, I decided that I would try not Liking things on Facebook for a while. I thought I’d just not do it for two weeks, but it’s expanded beyond that, while I’ve retrained myself to leave a comment rather than just liking things. It’s become normal to me to not press the Like button. I was originally inspired by Elan Morgan not Liking things on the social platform, who had been inspired by Mat Honan who had tried Liking everything he saw on the site. I’m not sure what my expectations were, but I figured that Facebook would dish things on my news feed just a bit differently. Continue reading